Three Places To Go In Littleton CO To Catch A Break From City Life

The city of Littleton CO is going to show you and your family a great time. There are a lot of natural areas, state parks and beautiful places within the city to explore. Check out the natural scenic views, go for a hike, enjoy a picnic with your family and have tons of fun. Here are some of those places you might want to visit when you make the drive over to Littleton, Colorado.

Perhaps you live in Denver, and you just want to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city for a while. That is certainly understandable. One place you can get your break and relax with your family is Robert Clement Park. This park features a Columbine Memorial, which is a very sobering moment. It’s a place that many people like to visit, and there is also a really nice park waiting for you in general. People say it is well maintained and that you can take in great views of The Rockies.

You might also want to take the family to South Platte Park, where you will find the Carson Nature Center. You’re going to find the South Platte River there, as well as 878 acres of land to enjoy. Not just that, but get this, there are 5 lakes there. People love to enjoy fishing at South Platte Park as you can imagine. Located at 3000 West Carson Drive, South Platte Park, and Carson Nature Center are also wonderful places to just go for a lovely scenic hike.

Then there are the Hudson Gardens. The Hudson Gardens is located on West Maplewood Avenue, and they are host to great summer concerts according to reviews. There is a beautiful rose garden, and you will also find that the people who maintain the gardens put up lights during the Christmas season. Whenever you happen to be in the area, this attraction and venue will be a wonderful place to stop with your family. You will have to see what’s on the event schedule.

Those are some wonderful places of interest in Littleton, Colorado to visit with your family. You are about to embark on an adventure that will give you a break from city life. Littleton CO will certainly do that for you, but there are also attractions to visit within the city itself. Spend some time out in nature, get your break and see what all you want to do.